Zen Meditation Workshop

 Friday January 18 , 9am to noon  $25 

Start the New Year off right…Learning Zen Meditation.

Learning Zen Meditation. Join Baika Heaton, 30-year Zen meditation practitioner for this 2-hour workshop on Zen basics. Baika will present, a basic history and overview of Zen, various ways to sit to optimize your comfort level and calm, how to maintain a daily practice, mindfulness, and walking meditation. Participants will be provided with a reading and meditation supply resource list. 

Reverend Baika Heaton Instructor

Baika is an HCH trained Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master / Teacher. Ordained in 1998 as a Soto Zen Priest, she has trained in, studied and taught Zen Meditation for over 30 years. This intimate mind-body practice supports and informs her practice as a Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner, just as the rich training of HCH has expanded her skill set as a Zen Teacher. Baika is also an End of Life Doula having worked in Hospice for 20 years, and Grief Recovery Method™ Practitioner. She enjoys creating and holding safe space for others, customizing hypnosis modalities to each individual to maximize behavioral changes and healing.  Baika lives with her Reiki Master husband, Jeff.

Counseling Skills For Hypnotherapists

Hold Space, Manage Time, and Maintain Boundaries

 Wednesday January 23, 6pm to 9pm   

Cost $50  Pre-registration is required. 

Counseling skills like nonverbal communication, mirroring, reflecting, holding space, and managing time effectively during hypnotherapy sessions are just as important as the hypnotic techniques themselves. Whether you're a new hypnotherapist or an experienced one, a focus on developing your counseling skills can deepen your rapport with your clients and support your own self-care.

Attend this three hour workshop to learn how to hone your counseling skills as a hypnotherapist:

  • Nonverbal Communication

  • Mirroring and Reflection

  • Paraphrasing / Summarizing

  • Open-ended Questions

  • Time Management

  • Holding Space

  • Establishing Boundaries

In this hands-on class, we'll apply these skills in practicum exercises to quickly and easily integrate them into your practice. You'll have the information you need to focus on counseling skills as a key part of enhancing your overall skills as a hypnotherapist in the new year.

Sandy Hawke/ Instructor

Sandy Hawke is a CCHT, Reiki Practitioner, and Sound Healing Artist. After working in the cyber security industry for decades, Sandy found her true calling in peer counseling and energy healing. As a peer counselor volunteer at the Berkeley Free Clinic, Sandy has learned how healing holding space can be, for both clients and counselors. Trained in Carl Roger's client-centered counseling approach, Sandy earned her CCHT certification and Reiki certification at HCH Institute. Together with Paul Meredith, Sandy leads our Crystal Bowl Meditation Group at HCH. Sandy offers private energy healing sessions via Stay Tuned Energy Healing and you can reach her directly at www.StayTunedEnergyHealing.com or StayTunedwithSandy@gmail.com.