Monthly Advanced  Skills Training for Reiki Practitioners 

Instructor: Tamara Nakhjavani, Reiki Master Teacher. Cost: $125.00 per class. Held on the first Friday of the month from 9AM to 1PM.
Classes can be registered for individually.

In support of our own and our students' deepening and expanding skills as Reiki practitioners, it is time to expand our Reiki program to offer our Reiki students a six-month advanced Reiki training to empower and support Reiki practitioners in the following areas of personal and professional development. In our early stages of developing this new program, we envision offering the following:

An opportunity to provide to our HCH clients full Reiki sessions, by appointment, in a new low fee Reiki Clinic. Monthly supervision will be provided to practitioners as a way to deepen your skills and to develop your confidence and ease in providing Reiki treatments.

Coaching in developing a business of providing Reiki services to the public, including providing sessions, teaching Reiki trainings, and how to take Reiki services into hospitals, churches and other facilities.
*How to provide Reiki Treatments for animals.
*How to facilitate Reiki treatments for medical issues to accommodate people with chronic illness and pain.
*How to deal with anomalous experiences that can come up both with clients receiving
*Reiki and as a practitioner providing Reiki.
*Guidelines on creating and holding physical and energetic sacred space with your clients    and students.
*Practice and supervision in providing Reiki remote healing sessions for clients and with  groups.
*Review the scientific evidence and the efficacy of Reiki.
*Developing skills in energetic space clearing and energetic self-care.
*Ethical and legal issues in providing Reiki services.
*How to combine Reiki with other healing modalities.
*Intuition development and personal growth through Reiki.

Mark your Calendar for these Future Advanced Reiki Skills Trainings

Friday July 12: Fundamentals for a Healthy Reiki Session (cancelled)
Friday August 2: Efficacy of Reiki within the Scientific and Medical Field
Friday September 6: Therapeutic Boundaries and Ethical Issues with the Practice of Reiki
Friday October 4: Reiki with other Healing Modalities, Reiki for Animals, Space Clearing
Friday November 1: Reiki as a Spiritual Path
Friday December 6: Reiki for Healing Trauma


Tamara began her studies of the healing arts after she attended a Reiki clinic at HCH about 10 years ago upon experiencing a shift in her consciousness while receiving Reiki.

She has a healing practice (Moonlit Soul Healing) based in Oakland, California and on site at HCH Institute, drawing on all the various modalities she has studied to help empower and strengthen her clients' sense of self and connection to source energy. Prior to her healing studies, Tamara studied biology and worked as a molecular biologist in NJ and attended law school here in California after which she practiced as a business transactional attorney for many years. She has also worked as a human rights activist, and a pre-school volunteer teacher at several non-profit organizations.

Tamara is passionate about transmitting her knowledge to her students and the collective.
She lives with her husband and daughter in Oakland, CA and enjoys playing the piano, photography and nature walks.  

Contact Tamara for additional information:
Tel: 415.410.9199