Advanced Classes

HCH offers an Advanced Certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist for completion of a total of 300 training hours. The following courses and programs will provide hours towards the Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification.

All students enrolled at HCH are sponsored Affiliate student members of the Alliance of Mental Health Professionals under HCH’s  AMHP membership. 

These courses meet the qualifications for CEUs approved by CA Association for Marriage Family Therapists #124720 and the CA Board of Registered Nursing #CEP 6875. Each hour of classroom time equals one CEU.
These classes are appropriate for licensed and non-licensed students.

Email us at or call 925-283-3941 for additional information.  

Advanced Training Course Description 

Past-Life Therapy

Instructor: Holly Holmes-Meredith, MFT, CCHT
Sat/Sun October 26, 27 10:00 to 5:00
Cost: $300

This course will instruct hypnotherapists in induction techniques, theoretical views of past-life therapy, and the stages or components of a past-life regression, how to work with client resistance, and tools for integration of material gained in past-life regressions. Students will observe demonstrations and also participate in a supervised hands-on practicum.

Spirit Releasement Intensive

Instructor: Holly Holmes-Meredith, MFT, CCHT
Sat/Sun (To Be Scheduled) 10:00 to 5:00
Cost: $300.00

Through this training students will learn techniques for diagnosis, induction, hypnotic strategies for dealing with attachments, processes for protection and for releasing the entities into the Light. There will be lectures, demonstrations, case presentations and supervised partner practice.

Clinical Internship

Facilitator: Holly Holmes-Meredith, MFT, CCHT
Credit: 100 hours Cost: $900.00 ($150mo.)
Open only to HCH grads, this is an on site internship program where Certified Hypnotherapists see clients in our low-fee clinic. Weekly supervision groups insure that students build skill and confidence. Six month commitment. Acceptance into program is by application.
Meetings for two hours/week to be arranged.

Clinical Externship

Facilitator: Holly Holmes-Meredith, MFT, CCHT
Credit: 100 hours Cost: $900.00 ($150mo.)
Open only to HCH grads, this six month 100 hour program is open to Certified Hypnotherapists who have had 200 hours or more of training. While students conduct their own private practices and receive group supervision twice a month, students accumulate and log client and supervision hours working towards the Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification. Meetings for supervision to be arranged.

Introduction to Shamanism

Instructor: Greg Harper
Not Scheduled
Cost: $300.00

Come join this experiential workshop in Shamanism is a method for healing and obtaining information used by indigenous cultures for tens of thousands of years. In this class you will be initiated into the shamanic journey, a visionary method used to explore hidden universes.

You will journey to meet your own personal helping spirits who aid in healing and providing information. You will also learn divination techniques and how to restore power and obtain information for others. This workshop will bring a sense of wonder into your life and deepen your connection to nature. Live drumming, didgeridoo, and Native American flute.

TimeLine Therapy: An Advanced Training in Hypnotherapy

Instructor: Carolyn Rigiero, CCHT
Not scheduled
Cost: $175.00

Each of us harbors within us a draft of our future. What we may not realize, however, is that our future unfolds according to how we accept and perceive our past. Using Hypnotic TimeLine Therapy, we can change our negative perceptions of past events, and even change in our subconscious mind the actual negative past events, to more positive ones. Once we do this, we set in motion a change from what may have been an undesirable future to a more positive one.

This Saturday class (6 hours) includes discussion of TimeLine concepts, group demonstrations, individual demonstrations and practicums. It includes a manual with TimeLine scripts, many of which will be discussed in class and demonstrated. You will also learn which script is best used for which circumstance.

This advanced class is for Certified Hypnotherapists or Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. This process can be used to eliminate somatic or emotional pain due to past traumas (in childhood or later), grief and loss. It more than reframes. It changes all perceptions through the years that are related to the original sensitizing event while doing so, and changes the client’s future.

No Hypnotherapy practice is complete without knowledge and use of the Timeline processes. This class shows you best how to use them allowing you much practice time, to enable you to put them into practice immediately.

Your instructor, Carolyn S. Rigiero, CCHT has been practicing hypnotherapy and EFT for 11 years and has been an HCH instructor for 8 years. She has been awarded her credential as a Relapse Prevention Specialist, NAADAC ID # 144617

Soul Retrieval Training

Instructor: Greg Harper
Not Scheduled
Cost: $300.00

Soul loss requires a healing process called soul retrieval. In this workshop you will learn a method of soul retrieval that can be used with hypnotherapy. This method has the client visit the soul loss, find out what contracts they made as a result (such as "I'll take care of everybody else except me", "I'll never rely on anyone else", or "I will never open my heart fully"), meet the soul part, and receive a spiritual gift and animal spirit. You will be guided with hypnotherapy through each of these steps so that you can experience the process fully for yourself. You will also learn about the most traditional way of doing soul retrieval involving shamanic journeying to find the soul part on behalf of a client, although this second type of soul retrieval requires training beyond this workshop (covered in the North part of the Shamanic Practices training at HCH). It is important to know about this more traditional method of soul retrieval because it is how soul parts that are held by another person (soul theft) can be retrieved.

Soul retrieval is a very powerful healing, and it is important to make sure your client is ready for their life to change. After soul retrieval, people may have new abilities, leave a bad relationship, quit the job they dislike, or start having a lot more fun. In some cases, however, soul retrieval may be the beginning of longer term therapy because lost memories of childhood abuse may return with the soul part.

The process of integration of the soul part is as important as the soul retrieval itself. You will learn how to help your client integrate the soul part with follow up sessions.

Sandplay Training

Instructor: Holly Holmes-Meredith, MFT, CCHT
6 Wednesdays, Not Scheduled, Cost: $500.00

HCH Institute invites you to come play in the sand while you explore your creative resources for problem solving, gaining insight, moving mental blocks and energetic obstacles and expanding your sense of Self. Play while you learn more about sandplay and how to incorporate it into your practice with clients. Sandplayers with all levels of experience are welcome. Sandplay brings focus and insight to questions and personal problems.

Your instructor is Holly Holmes-Meredith, MFT, Clinical Director of HCH. Holly has been learning about sandplay since 1982 both as a client and a facilitator of the sandplay process. She has studied both the Jungian approach of Dora Kalff and the Worldplay method of Margaret Lowenfeld and spent 1000's of hours experiencing and witnessing the healing and empowerment of this magical and powerful therapeutic modality.

Students are requested to bring a camera or video recorder for photographing their own sandtrays. Students must agree to attend all classes or pay for any classes missed. Approved for CE credits for MFTs, LSCWs, LPPCs, and RNs. Advanced Training credit available for Certified Hypnotherapists.

Advanced Training in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Instructor: John Parke, PsyD
Not Scheduled
Cost: $300.00

Experience the advanced techniques of Milton H. Erickson while you sharpen your skills as a hypnotherapist.

Erickson was a master at inducing trance and evoking the natural healing power of the unconscious mind. In this advanced hypnotherapy training you will learn a variety of specific induction techniques, how to blend these techniques and use them fluidly during your inductions.

You will learn to attune your voice and delivery to a client's physiological rhythms and ways to produce vivid, detailed images for anchoring suggestions. Trance can be a subtle process. Through this class, you will learn to recognize and use minute shifts taking place in your client's body.

Most importantly, the class is designed to help you learn these skills by directly experiencing them. This is the same way Milton Erickson taught students in his week- long seminars nearly 30 years ago. You will leave the seminar entranced, inspired and revitalized to find new aspects of yourself coming forward in your practice.

John brings more than 20 years of experience into his work with hypnotherapy. He began his practice in Massachusetts, where he provided hypnotherapy for artists and other clients interested in using creativity to solve problems. He specializes in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. John also frequently treats, Depression and Anxiety disorders He has provided psychological consultation for the Pain Management Clinic at Stanford University, and is currently a psychologist on staff at the Native American Health Center in Oakland, CA. He holds a bachelor's degree in fine art, a master's degree in counseling psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology. He holds a diplomat in pain management from the American Academy of Pain Management, and is a qualified medical examiner. John uses teaching techniques found in oral traditional cultures where trance, storytelling and healing are often combined. He has a long standing interest in using poetic descriptions to pull people into trance. He often blends techniques from oral cultures with poetic description to evoke trance states in his seminars. He considers this type of direct experience to be a most effective way to learn hypnotherapy. Dr. Parke is a licensed psychologist in the State of California.

Approved for CE credits for MFTs, LSCWs and RNs. Advanced Training credit available for Certified Hypnotherapists.