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To comply with the CA regulations and criteria for exempt post secondary schools that offer trainings under $2500, our Energy Therapy courses are offered through the Transformational Therapy Center, another business owned by Holly Holmes-Meredith and operated on site of HCH Institute. The HCH Institute Hypnotherapy training falls under different exemption laws and cannot also offer classes with lower fees. (CA Bill 94874)  

Energy Therapy Certification

Humans are spiritual beings having human experiences. The essence of our life force is energy. There is a new movement in contemporary medicine and psychology to access the ancient arts of healing through our energy fields. There are many emerging modalities of healing. Our Energy Therapy Certification combines the teaching of four modalities to support energy healing through the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. Three Core courses plus one elective course are required for certification. The four courses may be taken as a full sequence, or each course may be taken independently.

Admission Requirements

To register students must be at least 18 With a high school diploma.

Children 9 and older maY take the Reiki I training when accompanied by a parent.  

These courses meets the qualifications for CEUs approved by CA Association for Marriage Family Therapists # 124720 and the CA Board of Registered Nursing # CEP 6875. Each hour of class time equals one CEU. This course is appropriate for licensed and non-licensed students.

Email us at or call 925-283-3941or call 925-283-3941 for additional information.

2019 Schedule

Each level of Reiki consists of two classes held one week apart for a total of seven hours.

Reiki Classes

Wednesdays Mornings (9:30-1:00)
Reiki I: May 1, 8
Reiki II: June 5, 12
Reiki I: July 3, 10
Reiki II: Aug 7, 14
Reiki I: Sept 4, 11
Reiki II: Oct 2, 9
Reiki I: Nov 6, 13
Reiki II: Dec 4, 11

Thursday Afternoons (1:00-4:30)
Reiki I: April 11, 18
Reiki II: May 9, 16
Reiki I: June 13, 20
Reiki II: July 11, 18
Reiki I: Aug 8, 15
Reiki II: Sept 12, 19
Reiki I: Oct 10, 17
Reiki II: Nov 14, 21
Reiki I: Dec 12, 19

Tuesday Evenings (6:30-10:00)
Reiki II: April 16, 23
Reiki I: May 21, 28
Reiki II: June 18, 25
Reiki I: July 16, 23
Reiki II: Aug 20, 27
Reiki I: Sept 17, 24
Reiki II: Oct 22, 29
Reiki I: Nov 12,19
Reiki II: Dec 10, 17

Energy Boundaries Classes

Wednesday Evening Classes (6:30-9:30)
Boundaries Series: May 15
Boundaries Series: June 19
Boundaries Series: July 17
Boundaries Series: August 21
Boundaries Series: September 18
Boundaries Series: October 16
Boundaries Series: November 20
Boundaries Series: December 18

EFT Classes

Saturday/Sunday (10:00-5:00)
EFT: Sat/Sun Sept 28, 29

Elective Classes

Reiki III/IV: (Tamara): Fri July 19, 10-4
Reiki III/IV: (Holly): Fri Nov 15, 10-4
EFT II: Sat/Sun August 31 & September 1, 10-4

Hypnosis Students at HCH


Core Courses for Certification
Reiki I:  $150
Reiki II:  $150
EFT:  $300
Energy Boundaries Series: $400
Elective Courses
Reiki Master Teacher Training:  $250
Choice Method EFT:  $150
Meridian Tapping Techniques:  $300
EFT II:  $300

Pre-registration is required for all classes

Required Core Courses

REIKI is an ancient hands on healing technique that focuses the universal life-force energy known by many names: "Ki", "Chi", "Prana", "Light", or "Love Manifest." The trainings involve receiving "attunements" that are the transference of Reiki energy and Reiki symbols from the teacher into the energy field and hands of the student so his or her energy system is open to the flow of the Reiki energy. The student learns how to give hands on treatments to himself and others. Treatments are given with clothes on and are appropriate and effective to combine with hypnotherapy sessions. Reiki is useful for stress reduction, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and for pain management. The lineage of this Reiki training comes from the Dr. Usui method. Our certification includes the first two of four levels of Reiki training resulting in preparation to be a Reiki practitioner. Students wishing to be certified as a Master Reiki Teacher may take the two advanced levels of training as an elective course.

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE or "EFT" is a simple to use but highly effective body "tapping" technique that is revolutionizing conventional therapeutic thought and astonishing many who use it. The premise behind EFT comes from the research of Dr. Roger Callahan: The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the energy system. EFT is a systematic process that straightens out the energy system. Imagine experiencing quick, effective freedom from negative emotions, anxiety, limiting beliefs, inability to express love, years of doubt, grief, intense fears, phobias, addictive cravings and depression. EFT works effectively on all of these and many other of life's challenges. Any one can use it. It is simple to learn, easy to use and you can do it on yourself or with family or friends. Knowing EFT is incredibly valuable for therapist, hypnotherapists and anyone in the healing profession. In this course you will learn about the essence of EFT, the EFT technique, how to use the technique effectively, including shortcut techniques, the impact of energy toxins and how to get to the underlying aspects of a problem.

Are you sensitive to the energy of people, places and things around you?
Are you sometimes unable to distinguish your client's thoughts, feelings and attitudes from your own or find yourself triggered by their process?
Do you sometimes complete a session feeling worse than when you began?
Do you experience feelings of overwhelm, burnout, or even health problems due to holding too much for your clients, family or friends?
Do you sometimes feel confused by all the messages or expectations around you?

Everything is energy and, whether you know it or not, as a healing arts practitioner you are an energy worker, whether you are moving energy through talk-therapy, bodywork or altered states. Learning healthy energy boundaries is critical for sustainability as a helping professional. The more we open to allowing healing energy to flow freely through us the more our intuitive centers open as well, and we sometimes find ourselves feeling our clients emotions, hearing unspoken thoughts and knowing specific information. As a result, it is important to cultivate practices that help us stay oriented to our own energy system, so we can clearly see the energy that we may be experiencing from others. Part of our role as healer is to support the release and transformation of blocked or "negative" energy patterns in others. However, if we don't have a strong understanding of our own energy system, what its like to be in our own authentic energy, we can easily become enmeshed with our clients thoughts, feelings and attitudes which can lead to overwhelm, burnout, and health problems. As we evolve and tune into subtler energies, part of being energetically responsible means learning "energetic hygiene" - how to transform and release blocked energy patterns so that they can be attuned to higher vibrations. Blocked energy is not the enemy, often it has valuable information to share with us. But as healers we must first learn ways to distinguish what is ours and what our is clients. We are the starting point and hold the intention for all healing that happens in our space. Every healer can benefit from learning how to keep themself andtheir environment energetically clear. These techniques are easy to learn and use, and can also be taught to your clients. This class is also beneficial for those who just want to learn how to have better boundaries in their day to day life.

In this class you will learn:
The 7 key areas of Energy Cultivation.
Chakra Clearing for self and others.
Ways to distinguish what is yours and what is someone else's energy.
Tools to keep your personal energy and space clear before and after a client.
Ways to raise your own vibration 24/7.
To hold the highest frequency possible during a session to attune your clients energy.

 Elective Courses

is an elective in the Energy Certification program. Only HCH graduates of Reiki I and II are admitted and Reiki practitioners must have at least 3 months of Reiki experience before taking this Master Teacher Training.

This 12 hour course taught by Carolyn Rigiero is for those who have received their EFT-I certification, EFT-CC on-line, or have used EFT extensively and successfully on themselves or clients, even without certification. (Before joining the class, please check with the facilitator if you don't have certification). It follows the EFT approved level II guide lines listed on Gary Craig's website, This course is a true advantage for any therapist who wishes to go beyond the basics and learn new tapping methods, new tapping points, using EFT with couples, EFT and the telephone, finding core issues, addressing physical ailments, testing, delivering EFT in groups and more. Each class will include practice sessions with feed back from other students and the facilitator. When you have finished, you will have gained a greater understanding of, and a greater respect for, the power of EFT.

With the introduction of Gary Craig's popular meridian tapping process for healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT) in 1990, came many tapping enhancements now known as Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT). This 12 hour course introduces you to the most influential of these and shows you how these processes can enrich your EFT experience with greater and often faster healing. Included in this course is a review of the EFT process and how EFT evolved into MTT. It shows you, through written exercises, how to properly formulate set-up phrases for Patricia Carrington's popular "Choices Method" and how to use this method to your best advantage. It includes learning to use Fast EFT and Simple EFT and when these processes are more beneficial than the full EFT process. It also includes an introduction to Dr. Daniel J. Benor's WHEE (Wholistic Hybrid EMDR/EFT), a practice that combines EFT with an EMDR-like process. The class concludes with an introduction to Karl Dawson's "ECHO" theory of healing and how it can be used to heal old traumas.

You can also expect a discussion of the many EFT improvements and advances introduced through the years. There will be demonstrations as well as intense hands-on experiences to help solidify your learning. Your instructor, Carolyn S. Rigiero, received her CCHT from HCH and later her EFT-ADV certification through Gary Craig's approved PACE testing.

Outside of the Hypnotherapy Course, she teaches Deep Hypnosis, as well as other beginning and advanced Meridian Tapping procedures. In 2008 she earned her Stop Smoking Certificate and Past Life Therapy Certificate through HMI in Tarzana, CA.

This specialized EFT workshop is open to anyone who knows or uses EFT. EFT users and practioners often find that the traditional set-up phrase in EFT, "I completely and profoundly accept/love myself", is inappropriate to the presenting issue, and, in some cases, contrary to reality. And when it is contrary to reality, it brings on "Tail Enders" that users and practitioners are familiar with, such as "Oh, yeah? Do you really believe that?" Dr. Patricia Carrington has found a way to overcome this disadvantage through her empowering "Choices Method". In Choices, you target your set-up statement to your particular issue, rather than make a blanket statement that may not feel right to you.

In this four hour course you will learn the six rules of Choices, why choosing is different and more powerful than the traditional set up phrase, how to formulate the choice phrase that feels right to you for believable and lasting results, the all-purpose phrase that is appropriate in all circumstances, the proper sequence of "tapping" to instill the positive while replacing the negative, how the "Personal Resource State" and Choices go hand in hand and how The Secret and Choices relate.

If you are already a user of EFT, join us! These four hours will not only expand your use of EFT in a more effective way, but may well change how you view yourself within the world!

CE Units available for MFTs, RNs, LCCPs and LCSWs.

Your Instructors

Holly Holmes-Meredith, MA, MFT, Master Reiki Teacher, CCHT, Doctrate of Ministry
Holly works with energy healing as an adjunct to her practice in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. She is the Clinical Director and primary instructor in the hypnotherapy and Reiki Trainings at HCH. Holly has been teaching Reiki since 1993. Holly has been a student and practitioner of EFT since she was introduced to EFT in 1998. Holly combines these energy healing techniques with psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in her private practice.

Carolyn Rigiero, Advanced Certification in EFT, CCHT
After a serious illness in 2002, she was introduced to Bio-feedback, which became the bridge to hypnotherapy and EFT. She earned her Clinical Certification in Hypnotherapy from HCH in February 2006. She became a devotee of EFT during a hypnotherapy class after her instructor applied EFT on her to avert a migraine. The results were amazing and she was hooked. She shares this amazing process with her clients at HCH.

Tamara Nakhjavani, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, CCHT, Energy Therapist, Theta Healer and Shamanic Practitioner.
She began her studies of the healing arts after she attended a Reiki clinic at HCH about 8 years ago upon experiencing a sudden shift in her consciousness while receiving Reiki. Tamara has a healing practice (Moonlit Soul Healing) based in Oakland, California, drawing on all the various modalities she has studied to help empower and strengthen her clients’ sense of self and connection to source energy. Prior to her healing studies, Tamara studied biology and worked as a molecularbiologist in NJ and attended law school here in California.  She has also worked as a human rights activist and a pre-school volunteer teacher for several non-profit organizations in the Bay Area. She considers learning a life time passion and is currently studying to become a Qigong teacher under the guidance of Qigong Master MingtongGu. She lives with her husband and daughter in Oakland, CA.