The Enneagram: 
A Spiritual Map for Self-awareness Workshop

Friday January 11, 7pm to 10pm 

$50 Pre-registration is required.      

Since ancient times, the Enneagram has and continues to be a means of obtaining healing and deep wisdom by 'knowing thyself'. One of the ways the Enneagram is used today is as a spiritual tool or map for self-healing, self-awareness, and transformation. In these times of great and rapid transition, how we show up in our daily lives and the world is becoming critical. Without deepening our understanding of how we are expressions of the Divine, we stand to be at risk of reactivity with ourselves, others, and the environment.

The 9 archetypal personalities (enneatypes) represented by the nine points on the Enneagram (ennea- nine, gram- drawing) represent how we fall asleep to our true natures. Exploration of some of the systems used in the Enneagram, such as triads, instincts, centers of wisdom, reveal patterns expressed by each of the enneatypes when we forget how connected we are to each other and to the Universe. 

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  • Whether or not one is familiar with the Enneagram, working with it can:

  • Cultivate healing through presence.

  • Relax fixations of the ego.

  • Deepen your capacity for knowing and being with your authentic self.

  • Create shifts which further one's self discovery and expansiveness.

  • Deepen self-awareness.

  • Liberate us from constricting patterns which can hinder physical and spiritual healing.

  • Help cultivate compassion for ourselves and others.

  • Heal through experiencing the energies of the 9 enneatypes. 

For the purposes of this discussion, it may be useful to know your dominant type (we have the energy of all the nine enneatypes). If one is interested in determining this you may visit the Enneagram Institute website for online type discovery (RHETI) or use "The Quick Enneagram Sorting Test (QUEST).

Remember, knowing one's type dominance is just a small piece in the unfolding of the Mystery of Oneness where there is no separation from the Divine.

Dr. Avon Manney is your Instructor  

Dr. Avon Manney holds an Osteopathic medical degree from New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), a master's degree in Marriage, Family, and Child counseling from California State University, Hayward, and a bachelor's degree in psychology from U. C. Berkeley. Following a life changing event, she was introduced to the Enneagram and began a lifelong quest for various forms of spiritual healing and mystical truths.  Since then she has studied under foremost spiritual teachers such as Russ Hudson, Fr. Richard Rohr, and Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy.  She is a current student of Reiki and Shamanism at HCH as well as Zen Buddhist meditation at a Buddhist monastery. She continues to work with the Enneagram personally and professionally in her private practice as an instrument which is key towards healing and transformation. She enjoys playing the violin while her birds sing along, receiving words of wisdom from her mother, talking with her husband in their garden, and playing peek-a-boo and other games with her talking parrotlet, Armand the Amazing.