Shamanic Students & Practitioners Meet-Up

Held on the third Sunday of every month from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Cost $20.00

If you are a past or present student of the Shamanic program at HCH, this meet up is a great opportunity to practice and strengthen your healing skills and connect with other Shamanic practitioners and build community. We will start each monthly meet up by calling sacred space and a short shamanic journey to connect with our power animals. After calling sacred space and the journey, we will split up in pairs and practice our Shamanic healing skills such as illumination, journeying, power animal and soul retrievals, and extraction of crystalline energies. 

Tiffany Gianfala M.A. LMFT, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Therapist, Reiki Master-Teacher


Tiffany holds a passion for healing, learning, and helping others. She has earned degrees from California State University, Hayward in Human Development, and from JFK University in Counseling Psychology. Tiffany’s initiation into Shamanismmanifested as Spiritual Emergence, rendering her in need ofsupport and healing. She followed her spiritual guidance and found HCH after attending an Open House several years ago. Since then, she has trained in and graduated from the HCHShamanic Practitioner program, Energy Certification program, and Reiki Master-Teacher program. 

Tiffany currently assists at HCH for Wilder in the shaman classes, and has been assisting Tamara’s Reiki-I classes, & the Chakra/Energy Boundaries classes. Tiffany lives in Antioch with her wife Donna of 26 years, they have 3 grandchildren, and together they practice Expressive Arts, Shamanism, Energy/Crystal healing, and Reiki daily.