Shamanic Practices Certification

Expect your life to be transformed in every way as you experience deep personal healing and learn to live in power, peace, and vitality. Learn ancient healing methods including how to restore power, connect to nature, journey outside of time and space, go beyond ego to experience your true divine Self, and manifest your reality.

Shamanic methods are drawn from core shamanism, South American traditions, and ancient practices from other parts of the world. Learning and proficiency is promoted through small group size, close supervision, personal work to be completed between meetings, and music (drumming, Native American flute, didgeridoo, and recorded music).

This course is CEU approved for RNs, MFTs, LPCCs, and LCSWs as training in indigenous healing practices.

Email us at hch@hypnotherapytraining or call 925-283-3941 for additional information.

Courses may be taken as individual four-month modules or as the whole sixteen month certification program. The training is divided into four parts, each four months long:

SOUTH. Shedding the past so that you stop reliving your stories. You will learn the illumination process to clear imprints of karma and disease from your energy body, power animal retrieval, sand paintings, and divination (obtaining information from spiritual sources).

WEST. Healing your ancestral lineage and stepping out of fear and anger so that you quit attracting toxic people and situations. You will learn how to extract spiritual intrusions, release attached entities, and transform inner demons into allies.

NORTH. Releasing your ego to live in peace with creation. Learn to heal your original wounding and traumas with soul retrieval (two methods), how to dissolve the many faces of ego, and how to let go of fate and choose your destiny.

EAST. Manifesting your dreams using intention and energy. Learn how to assist those who are passing beyond this life, and how to create your realty.

Some prior experience with shamanism and shamanic journeying is helpful. Participation in an introductory workshop in shamanism, such as that offered by HCH, is excellent preparation, but not required.

Students may start at any of the directions. If starting with the west, north, or east, however, the new student needs to read chapters 1-7 in "Shaman, Healer, Sage" by Alberto Villoldo before the first class to learn the Illumination technique and sand paintings. It is best to start with South or West. It is also an option to take both tracks (Sat/Sun) simultaneously.

Students must commit to four-month modules at a time. Each module is focused on one of the four directions. Unless holidays warrant alternate scheduling, classes meet on the first Saturday or Sunday of the month, 11 AM to 6 PM. There will be an hour break for lunch. 

2017 Training Dates

Schedule (Track 1 saturdays)

East South
January 28 May 20
February 25 June 24
March 25 July 22
April 22 August 26

Schedule (Track 2 sundays)

West North
January 29 May 21
February 26 June 25
March 26 July 23
April 23 August 27
HCH Institute Therapy Office

Greg "Wilder" Harper

Your teacher is Greg Harper, PhD, CCHT, who transformed his life through shamanism. He received his PhD from UC Berkeley and had a 24-year career as a geology professor with over 60 scientific publications. In spite of the success, Greg felt something was missing in the materialistic focus of academic science. In 2003 he took a weekend workshop in shamanic journeying taught by Sandra Ingerman and found his life changed forever. Journeying opened up the magic and mystical realms, revealing the rich spiritual side of nature and the worlds that shamans have been visiting for millennia. Greg subsequently trained in core shamanism and South American shamanism. Since training as a hypnotherapist at HCH, Greg has a private practice and teaches shamanic practices, hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Cost: Complete sixteen month Shamanic Practices Certification : $2400 Payment options: Discount if tuition is pre-paid: $2200 Payable by four-month module: $600.

A deposit of $100 will hold your space in your beginning four-month module. Please mail to: HCH Institute 3746 Mt. Diablo Blvd. #200, Lafayette, CA 94549 or call 925-283-3941.