We treasure our students and are honored to be a part of their personal growth and learning.

I have been so at peace since working with EFT and being a part of the hypnotherapy training at HCH. I'm sure you have gotten these sort of letters all through the years! You and Paul and everyone at HCH are doing such amazing life work by transforming one person at a time! :)

Fondly, S.


As part of our graduation ceremony, Holly led our class in a session to 'meet and speak' to each others higher self. It was then I realized I was in the midst of a new, loving and supportive family, one that had grown out of what we learned and practiced at HCH. Every student's unique talents had been nurtured and brought to life, and it was amazing to see how each one of us will be using our tools in our own special way.

Jill Cook, Grad 2012


What is offered in the HCH environment is nonjudgmental, unconditional love and support that empowers and brings forth a student's inner wisdom and highest potential. As well as offering research-based education and proven healing techniques, gentle yet exquisite trust is shown for each person's growth process. I experienced not only my own personal transformation but also witnessed the same unfolding illumination from undermining thought patterns and limiting core beliefs with each of my fellow classmates. HCH offers what quality education is all about: empowering students to become the unique beings they're meant to be. Holly imbues the learning environment with safety, encouragement, and love-eliciting hearts to open, confidence to emerge, and transformation to happen. The classroom is relaxed and comfortable, no one is ever made to feel wrong, there is no competition, no hierarchy, and no grades. Everyone is considered a wisening learner, including the teachers. No questions are too silly, there is room to share personal experience in utmost confidentiality, and all learning styles are respected and honored.

As a doctoral student at one of the Bay Area's finest accredited institutions of transpersonal psychology, I was impressed and wowed by the alignment of HCH's content of instruction with my graduate courses. Perhaps most importantly, HCH is an exemplary model of a new paradigm of education-non-hierarchical in nature, everyone is considered a co-learner. The material offered is an integration of a wide-range of highly-effective holistic healing techniques that expand one's consciousness, nurture one's intuition, prompt the exploration of previously unknown resources, and build connection with all that is part of the human experience. Learning consists of experiential practicums, lectures, demonstrations, and out-of-class assignments. If you want personal transformation that feels like coming home and if you desire to learn highly-effective, research-based healing tools and techniques to offer clients in their endeavor of becoming whole, I highly recommend HCH's hypnotherapy certification training.



My experience is that I have truly found a home at HCH. The love and acceptance that I have received and been able to give there has enhanced my learning experience and my life so much that I am unable to even fully express it. I recommend the teachers and HCH Institute unreservedly. Thank you, Holly.

Kristi Brown, RN, CCHT


The skills I received through HCH to become a certified hypnotherapist far exceeded my expectations. My clients are now reaping the benefits from the various methods I learned in the supervised training. In addition to the solid foundation offered, this school is filled with heart and soul.

Trina Swerdlow, BFA,CCHT


HCH is truly an amazing place to learn and grow. HCH opens up a world of magic and possibilities for me.The depth and breadth of information offered in the training and the compassion the teachers modeled had made my experience there an engaging, heart-opening and life-changing one. HCH is truly an spiritual institution grounded in wisdom and loving action. I feel very proud to say that I am an HCH graduate!

Christine Eggers, CHT


Thanks again for such a beautiful, enriching and life changing opportunity. I can truly say that I am a different person than when I began this program 4 months ago, so much clearer and stronger. It has opened new doors of perception, and illuminated a path that I have been trying to find for a very long time. I truly believe that your work at the HCH is the junction where grace, magic, and love meet!

Megan Woolever, CHT


Have you ever wanted to go to a mystical magical place where you could find treasures beyond your imagination? If you could open a treasure chest that revealed tools, answers, and precious insights that enhanced your life and the lives of those around you, wouldn't you jump at the chance? I have just recently been to such a place. The new perceptions and understandings that have surfaced in only a short time are already life changing. Just ask my husband. I know that there are still many more rich pieces of gold that have been dislodged and are yet to rise to the surface and improve my experience of life. HCH is an amazing place. The atmosphere and support of both the school and its instructors hold you so that you can get clear and insightful awareness regarding situations that have blocked you from experiencing your life to the fullest. I went from confusion to clarity in so many areas. I highly recommend the hypnotherapy program at HCH to enrich your life's work or just enrich your life.

Victoria Buckman


Words cannot express all the gifts that I have received from the Hypnotherapy Training that I have just completed. It has been the exquisite response to my prayer. In September 2009 I attended an Open House that is put on at HCH for anyone who is interested in learning more about the different classes that they offer. I was looking for a place where I could learn to connect all my "book knowledge" regarding spiritual growth with my heart. I was immediately struck by the grounded and loving feeling from the teachers and the beautiful surroundings where the classes are taught. I chose to attend the Hypnotherapy training for my own personal growth and the program far exceeded my expectations. The director of HCH, Holly Holmes-Meredith, truly embodies the gift of teaching where her knowledge is abundant, captivating, and filled with wonder. Her enchanting presence stirs up and provokes the desire to learn more and more. Her quick sense of humor and thoughtful responses set an inviting tone that made me feel welcomed and valued. All the teachers contributed different aspects in the training and their variety of teaching styles greatly enhanced the richness of the program. I am already integrating my newly learned skills into my everyday life and I look forward to augmenting them with other classes HCH has to offer. I am grateful for the metaphysical healing programs that HCH have organically cultivated over the years. The authentic and enduring passion in all of the teachers will continue to attract spiritual beings longing to expand their consciousness.

Colleen Peterson


Holly's hypnotherapy program was the one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so many different skills and so many ways to use the hypnotherapy. Her staff was great. Each member of her staff had their own unique way of teaching. Everybody had something to offer that I can now take out in the world with me. Holly has a very strong and loving presence that really promotes personal growth.I learned so much about myself and I am a much stronger person inside and out. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for self improvement and to be of service to the world. We are all fortunate that there are people like Holly out there who have dedicated their life towards the personal development of the human race. I am going out into the word a much wiser and more caring person. Thank you many times over to Holly and her staff. I am eternally grateful for this powerful growth experience.

Bill Sullivan


When I was originally looking for hypnotherapy training in the Greater Bay Area I asked all the people I respected - friends, students, therapists, doctors, counselors for their opinion regarding all the hypnotherapy training schools. Without exception, HCH was regarded much more highly than any of the others for it's depth and breadth of material, authenticity of the presenters, and it's spiritual yet practical approach. I took my first training at HCH in '97 and it's now '05. Over those 9 years I've continued to take classes as HCH is consistently presenting new, cutting edge techniques as well as refining and updating their original material. HCH practices what it teaches.

Sybil Holiday,CCHT


The Internship was the perfect next step for me after completing the Hypnotherapy Training at HCH. Working with clients from the low-fee clinic gave me the opportunity to strengthen my skills in a very practical way. Weekly meetings provided a safe,supportive environment for us to share our clinical experience and find guidance and encouragement. Towards the end of the Internship, I was becoming aware that the hypnotherapy techniques I was using with my clients had been subtly transforming my own life. This has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I recommend it to anyone seeking not only personal growth but practical skills that lead to new career options.

Susan Adams,RN, CCHT


Having begun my studies in hypnosis at HCH in 2002 with Holly Meredith-Holmes, my purpose was to expand my skills and earn CEUs. Each time that I have returned there I have been renewed and inspired by the Transpersonal approaches delivered in the Hypnotherapy curriculum. There are masterful demonstrations and plenty of opportunities to try new approaches. The breadth of techniques is impressive and the atmosphere at HCH is spiritual and supportive. In a refreshing contrast to the dry classroom type of training this training is experiential and direct. Strongly recommended to any MFT who is seeking to be more effective in healing!

Philip Rohrer, MFT


While I had been certified 10 years ago at Hypnotherapy Training Institute, I definitely recognize the difference in the two educational facilities. I have had the extreme pleasure of experiencing 65 additional hours of hypnotherapy classes under your tutelage.

The classes I took at HTI had approximately 30 students in the program. The classes were held in a motel's conference room. While we were trained in the basics, there was little opportunity to share or practice our profession in dyad's. When I decided to return for additional credit hours, HCH was the home I was looking for. Our group was small, thereby allowing for individual attention and critique and numerous opportunities for practice, thereby increasing our self confidence in the profession. In addition to that, the classes that HCH offered were Spiritually based. I thought this important as the work we do with individuals is very Spiritual in nature, including that of weight loss and "clean air breathing"

Thank you so much for the beautiful opportunity to become a graduate of HCH. My best to you always.

With deepest respect,

Kareena Hamilton


Having graduated from UC Berkeley, I did a lot of research before deciding to attend HCH. The staff and training at HCH exceeded my expectations in every way. I appreciate all the time and care Holly Holmes Meredith put into designing the curriculum--it shows! Most of the staff are Marriage and Family Therapists as well as Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, and they bring their years of wisdom and clinical experience to their teaching.

Although I expected a positive learning experience, I was not prepared for the personal transformation I would undergo. My experience at HCH changed my way of thinking and being completely.

Nancy L. Gooch, Ph.D.


My name is William Swenson. Recently I chose to enter HCH's program leading to a certification as a hypnotherapist in California. I a­m proud of the work I did years ago so my standards are high. In every way HCH met or exceeded my expectations for what a great hypnotherapy training program should be.

Learning to hypnotize people is actually pretty easy. Learning how to help someone once they are hypnotized, now that is the challenge and the artistry of hypnosis. HCH provides a spectrum of instructors, men and women, from diverse backgrounds. They are caring and patient. The groups are small enough to give the participant a dual experience. One can learn to do hypnotherapy, but one can choose to simultaneously apply the resources of the teachers and the class to make personal changes over the course of the instruction.

The HCH program is a transpersonal approach to hypnotherapy. While it also incorporates many of the standard behavioral approaches to trance induction, it's chief strength is its rich diversity or formats for working with individuals seeking hypnosis. This is important because it means that it offers approaches and styles for just about everybody to express who they are, or who they could be, as a hypnotherapist.

I started the HCH program for the certification, but I finished with the same kind of wonder, excitement and sense of possibility that I had years ago with NLP. And because this is so, I write this testimonial for HCH, both as a student who increased his knowledge by leaps and bounds, and as a tough consumer who got his money'­s worth. If you have a real desire to turn your interest in human potential or consciousness studies into a role-up-your-sleeves-and-do-it approach to helping others with their journeys in life, then I whole-heartedly recommend the hypnotherapy certification program at HCH.

William Swenson, RN, BSN, PHN, MA, CHT, NLP Trainer